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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  March 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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baseball. towson at perry hall in softball. log onto, and cast your vote, we will announce the winner on thursday night. >> and you can send our prep player of the week story to a friend. go to sports at click on the share button below the prep player video. now here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> we will have major services on light rail as a result of the incident. >> light rail crash in cockeysville. how it will fake the rush hour. >> watching for waste in baltimore city's government. the ideas the mayor is considering tonight. >> and more toyota trouble. what the car maker knew back in 2002. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition".
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>> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. transition team report finds waste in city government. >> tonight, reaction. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake that took office last month asked the committee to meet with department heads and report back to her with recommendations. keith daniels is live at city hall with word from the mayor tonight. keith? >>well, jennifer the report gives many examples of waste, and mismanagement, including a report on the housing department's management of the head start program, and there is also the issue of trash, and vacant homes. now the 150 member transition team was ordered to analyze city services, look for waste and mismanagement. report singled out housing and parks and recreation departments in particular. and there is the recommendation to the mayor to create a program to quickly dispose of vacant homes. >> i am looking forward to working with the housing
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commissioner to, streamline the approach. so we can get these homes, again, back in productive use. >> well, it is tough fiscal times at city hall. mayor has said that she will not accept the nearly $4000 cost of living raise, on her $151,000 salary. the raise was scheduled to go in effect tomorrow. the same day she is expected to release her deep cutting budget plan. we're live now at city hall. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thank you, keith. >> and you can read the entire transition report on our website. links. >> it is our duty to hold elected officials accountable. you can help us do that by joining our waste watch. if you have a story about government waste, we want to hear from you. call the hotline at (410)662-1456. you can also log onto our website and click on waste watch.
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>> several prosecutors have filed new documents detailing allegations against a baltimore police officer. detective mark lunsford is accused of stealing reward money, intended to be paid out for information leading to the arrest of drug dealers. the allegations against lunsford are included in criminal information in the paperwork which typically indicates a defendant plans to plead guilty. he does not have a court date. and his attorney could not immediately be reached for comment. >> an 18-wheeler heading to the mccormick spice plant in baltimore city crashes into a light rail train before 9:30 and kathleen cairns tonight said at this hour it is a major mess. >> first responders converge on gilroy road. >> sounded like an explosion. >> in cockeysville. >> they had to fly the helicopters in. >> the train is crushed into that truck. >> a tractor trailer heading
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north collides with a southbound light rail train. >> he probably didn't notice that the train was coming up. >> the train carries seven passengers. >> people were exiting the light rail. and they were shaken up. >> as passengers are evaluated. >> a little girl that came off the train was shaken up. very cold. got her a blanket. and just tried to help out. >> investigators say the intense impact tossed the train off the tracks. >> it is amazing that anybody survived. >> a nearby car is also crushed. >> we will have major service disruption on light rail as a result of the incident. >> shattered glass, in the train's cab, is an ominous sign the dashboard crushed the train operator that is now trapped. >> once they stabilize those two vehicles, then it was a matter of prying her out and cutting her out. >> the truck's load of spice containers is hurled over the train, on impact, and spread over the scene.
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as the train's operator is air lifted. >> it is amazing when you look at the accident, that we have just one patient. >> some say there is already a lesson learned. >> drivers need to obey the sounds and signs and stop thinking you are going to beat the train. >> although some say the crossing may also need a gate to make it safer. in baltimore county. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> meantime mta officials will continue to use a bus bridge to move passengers that should scene until repairs are finally made. >> new information about a murder-suicide in carroll county. it happened last week at this home in hampstead. police say 45-year-old michael swift broke into the home where his ex-wife lived with her fiance. and swift shot the fiance, then turned the shotgun on himself. his ex-wife hallie swift was not hurt but made this frantic call
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to 911. >> please, help me. please. send somebody. >> is your boyfriend still breathing? >> state police are still investigating where and how swift obtained the shotgun. he was out of jail, on bond. facing several charges for possession of illegal machine guns and other weapons. including materials to make a bomb. >> a texas man is indicted. he is accused of transporting an 11-year-old girl from the state of maryland, for sex. prosecutors say 41-year-old man knows the family. and amber alert issued for the pg county girl back on february 13. tennessee state trooper found the two at a truck stop in jackson tennessee. salea worked as a driver for a maryland trucking company. >> two towson university students are assaulted and robbed inside of their own dorm. attack occurred monday afternoon at the glen complex inside of tower b. one student was struck with a
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crowbar and suffered minor injuries. personal property was stolen. one suspect carried a semi automatic handgun. >> kind of a mix today of sun, clouds, a little bit of rain. >> seems to end well. so hopefully carries on for the next few days. go to vytas reid with the latest. >> a little bit of everything. sun, clouds, showers across the area. wind. now we are going to see more of the sun. that's good news. it looks like a beautiful day sitting up for tomorrow. warmer temperatures. scanning the skies. no precipitation out there on hd ray door, putting it in motion. you can see how the showers dissipating on the back edge of the low. as it pushes over parts of boston, way up there right now. and it looks like giving them rain. back west. breaks in the clouds. 50 in baltimore. 50 in d.c. 52 in fredericksberg. and cooler in oakland at 34. your next day planner shows 41 degrees at 6 a.m. by noon, plenty of sunshine. and looks like probably have to use the sunglasses for the morning commute.
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and it looks like pretty good through the afternoon lunch hour. detailed look at the weekend outlook coming up in a bit. >> the maryland department of natural resources is banning alcoholic beverages in the forest. phasing in the ban. drinking in state parks became illegal last year. d&r said it aims to combat those that drink excessively because they ruin it for others at the state parks. >> and maryland senate gives the initial okay for card games in prince george's county. bill calls for a state wide referendum on allowing card games at the rosecroft raceway. senate has a final vote later this week. >> archdioceses of baltimore opens the first bilingual emersion program at a highlandtown elementary school this fall. bilingual teacher will teach english and spanish to students next year. program will expand as the students move up in grades. >> well, waterfront building
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that stood in as a baltimore police station, on the tv series homicide will be transformed into a hotel. city officials say they have sold the historic recreation pier to developers for $2 million. recreation pier sits on baltimore's harbor in the fell's point neighborhood. it was built in 1914. >> bill i am signing will set in motion reform for generation of americans have fought for. >> the reform bill. signed into law today. how republicans are still trying to fight it. >> and caught up in the excitement. what the vice-president let slip, at today's bill signing. >> you can fix these problems easily but it will cost about $500 a car. >> toyota recall woes, new information tonight than suggests that
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for only $10. >> president obama signs health care reform into law today. but that's not stopping debate on capitol hill. jennifer davis reports tonight republicans are pledging fight the measure and stepping up the calls for the measure to be repealed. >> surrounded by lawmakers, who long supported a health care overhaul. and americans that have struggled with the current system. the president signs a landmark reform bill into reality. >>the bill i am signing will set in motion reforms that generations of americans have fought for. >> now president obama said he will work to sell the sceptical country on the merits of the new law. >> this years ago tens of thousands of uninsured americans with preexisting conditions, the parents of children who have a preexisting condition, will finally be able to purchase the coverage they need. >> the senate begins debate tuesday afternoon on the reconciliation package the house passed sunday to make changes to the legislation.
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this will happen under fast-track budget rules that prevent a republican filibuster, but g.o.p. plans to offer as many amendments as it can to slow the progress or change it altogether. >> we have to try to improve this. this will do, in my opinion, fundamental harm to the quality of american life down the road here. >> official in, at least, 10 states plan to file lawsuits, challenging the health bill. calling ton constitutional because it requires every american to face a fine if they do not buy insurance. >> overwhelming majority of the american people, do not like this. do not want it. want to us start over. and obviously they have rejected this massive government take over. >> thursday the president goes on the road to iowa to sell the law's benefits. where he announced health care plan as a presidential candidate in 2007. in washington, jennifer davis. fox news. >> meantime, 600,000 uninsured marylanders are looking ahead to the extension of coverage. but it may come later than hoped. provisions enabling most lower
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income people to get insurance will not be available until the year 2014. maryland has worked to expand coverage in recent years. but the state is facing a $2 billion deficit. >> now that, brings us to the question of the day. do you think the president's health care measure will help your family? so far 18 percent say yes. 82 percent say no. and nat writes on our website tonight. like so many others, including some doctors, we have no idea what this bill is all about. >> another writes on facebook. this bill will not help my family. and it will destroy the united states. >> the next chapter in the health care fight plays out in the mid term elections and also in the courts. at issue, whether the health care reform law is constitutional. virtually as soon as president obama signed the controversial health care bill into law, 12 states joined florida and filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the law from taking effect. claiming it is unconstitutional. >> we're impaired by this bill. and it forces people to do
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something in the sense of buying a health care policy, or pay a penalty, a tax, or a fine that, simply the constitution does not allow congress to do. >> maryland is not among the state suing. a spokeswoman for maryland attorney general doug gansler said it would be premature. >> vice-president joe biden got caught up in the excitement at the signing at the white house and open microphone picked up the vice-president using well, a well known profanity while telling the president what a big deal this was. >> and the white house is not distancing itself from the latest biden gap. robert gates wrote on twitter earlier today, yes, mr. vice-president, you are right. >> exactly when did toyota know about its accelerator problems? new information said maybe, eight years ago. new document shows that toyota
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warned dealerships back in 2002 that camry owners were complaining about throttles surging. a technical service bulletin went to every toyota dealership in the u.s., in late august of 2002. and it was also sent to the national highway transportation safety administration. and never released to the public. now there is a lawsuit in the works saying toyota knowingly lied to the public. >> government is really, you know, hiding this information. from the consumer. there is a conspiracy with the auto industry to keep these out of the public sight. >> toyota acknowledges that the service bulletins were issued but the company is disputing the claims and the lawsuits filed against them. >> you can read that service bulletin for yourself. go to our website links. >> well, the warm weather will it stick around for the rest of the week? >> we hope so. check back with vytas reid. >> it looks like warmer temperatures will move back in.
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felt cooler out there. because of the wind. and also the clouds moving in. later in the afternoon. but for the most part. just a few scattered showers. and it looks like all of that rain has pushed north. up around boston and harford county k 48 downtown. p clouds are breaking. win is out of the west at 14. so still breezy. and humidity levels at 66 percent. and our pressure is sitting at 29.75 inches and rising as that low continues to travel north. almanac page, telling the story of the day. topped out at 55. 1 degree shy of where we should be for this time of year. normally we should be sitting at 56. and it looks like getting above that into tomorrow. and no report of precipitation out at bwi thurgood marshall airport. or downtown. even their though there were a few drops. light trace. you had to go further along the border of dc and parts of virginia and maryland to get more measurable precipitation today. and temperatures 50 downtown. looking at 50 in d.c. 48 in hagerstown. winchester and northern virginia. 47 on the eastern shore in
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salisbury. we will continue to see those temperatures, like i said, gone up as we go through the day tomorrow. with the help of the sin. as we continue to see this precipitation push up northeast. those clouds are thing out. breaks in the clouds over central portions of west virginia and south of fredericksberg. you can see the clouds breaking there. bigger picture. you can see the storm, area of low pressure that gave us a chance for rain the last couple of days, pushes north. high pressure building in. will dry us out. and next chance for rain makes the way out of the plains, out of oklahoma, missouri and arkansas. and gather some moisture and head our direction as we get toward late thursday night. better chance seeing it friday morning and friday afternoon. here is what it looks like tonight. clouds breaking down to 44 degrees. tomorrow, beautiful day. plenty of sunshine. still breezy out there. with temperatures around 61 to 63 degrees. and then your five-day forecast shows temperatures around 63 on thursday. and a few clouds back in the pick. and probably late thursday. chance for remaining showers. better chance friday morning to the afternoon. and 52 degrees.
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and we're back at 50 saturday. sunshine. and sunday 57. and remember the cherry blossom festival will begin starting this weekend. back to you. >> gutherie gave the we all know someone who's always prepared...
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>> after losing bart scott, jason brown and jim leonhard to free agency ravens were hoping to get compensatory picks in the upcoming draft. but nfl disagrees. signing dominic foxworth and matt burke makes it a wash. ravens get no compensatory picks and trying to straighten out kicking situation. they talked with shayne graham. who spent the last seven years for the bengals. 32-year-old gram has made 85 percent of his career field goals. but he missed two in the playoff game against the jets. john harbaugh admits the club likes gram a lot and hints he could compete with billy cundiff in training camp. and concern about left tackle gath jared gaither. restrict free agent, seems to be skipping off season voluntary workouts.
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ravens used a first round tender on jared gaither. meaning they would get a first draft pick if someone takes him. gay thers agent said he is getting him in shape. and john harbaugh in the sun fired back saying, quoting again, the last time i checked, drew rosenhaus does not coach offensive line in the national football league. stay tune. >> spring training, orioles and marlins. top of the first. jones gets every bit of this to deep right center. back to the wall. and gone. andshy solo shot for jones. orioles take a early lead. gutherie struggles this spring. and had the best performance of the spring today. bottom of the first. he rings up mabin with a slider. one of his four strike outs on the afternoon. later in the inning. can due to you lines agape gap right center. one score. tying the game. and then bottom of the second. same score.
11:24 pm
gutherie faces the other pitcher. and scott throws. and haze slides in safely. giving the marlins a 2-1 lead. bottom of the seventh. florida up 5-1. haze with a line tore third. look at miguel tajeda snag and throw to second to complete the double play. retiring the side. starting to look comfortable there at the hot corner. top of the 9th. same score. scott sends that shot deep. into the right field corner. going to be off the base of the wall. salazar comes around to score on the rbi double by scott. but orioles lose to the marlins 5-2 the final. >> and the orioles visit the cardinals in jupiter tomorrow afternoon. back to you. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker.
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plus add a line for just 9.99. >> looks like we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. decent day. temperatures around 64. and 63 on thursday. with partly cloudy skies. more clouds as we go into thursday night. with a chance of showers late thursday. fly day more rain. looking at the temperatures right at 52. so cooling off to kick off the weekend. and saturday more sunshine. 50 degrees. 57 on sunday. with more sunshine. and then another round of rain possible monday into the lower 60s and then the 50s maybe by early parts of next week. so not too bad of a deal for the next couple of days. jennifer and jeff? >> thank you, vytas. >> spring has arrived. >> it has. >> about time. >> that will do it for the "late
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edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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